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We are a small company of expert Milliners, Customer Service, and IT wizards who make and sell some of the finest beaver fur-felt cowboy and western hats you can find. We believe there is a market hungry for a higher quality unisex dress hat. 

Right now if you browse the internet you will find hundreds of websites that sell inexpensive versions of many of the hat styles we sell. Their hats are machine made by the thousands from rabbit fur-felt, corduroy, canvas, straw, leather, wool felt. . .and their price reflects this. And the places that do sell quality dress hats, they use dress weight fur-felt that is about 1/2 as thick as western weight beaver fur felt. more info

As well most of the best known and popular hat designers make attractive versions of many of the same hats styles you will see here at Hats of Hollywood. Designers like Maison Michel will happily sell you a beautiful FASHION hat usually made from wool felt or from a rabbit/hare hat body. And charge you the same as us and sometimes substantially more for an inferior quality hat. That’s right we said inferior quality. Hats of Hollywood are sized hats, made to the clients correct hat size. Our hats are dye fast and all weather tested. You need never worry if you get caught in a rainstorm or blizzard, our colors do not run. If you look at the value of your purchase, we believe Hats of Hollywood is the best choice for a fabulous looking, all weather, hand-made hat. In addition your hat is personalized with your name embossed on the sweat band inside your hat.

Hats of Hollywood is a Boutique Hat Maker

We use only the best materials to make our decadently beautiful hats.
All our hats are made to order and made by hand in the USA.


Like you we love hats and we are committed to offering the best customer service and product in the hat industry.  Our customers are our best advertisement so be confident that should any problem arise with your order we will work with you to get it right.

Ask NOT what you can do for your HAT, but what your HAT can do for YOU!

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