Hats of Hollywood is a Boutique Hat Maker

We use all the best materials to make our decadently beautiful hats. And all our hats are made to order and made by hand in the USA.

Our Glamour line is inspired by the modern-day fashionistas from around the globe. Fashion bloggers, socialites, celebrities and everyone in between have inspired us to create our line of fashion forward hats.

Glamour hats of hollywood

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

It takes years for each of us to define our style.  It takes time to realize what colors work best, and what clothing styles flatter the most. A finely made hat is often the crowning glory to an individual’s style.

“Only shallow people do not judge by appearances.” – Oscar Wilde

Our Glamour Hats of Hollywood are inspired by celebrities, movies, TV and everyday life to bring you the most fashionable hats available. Just like you, we love hats and are constantly on the lookout for new and cool hat designs to bring to our hat-loving customers. 

“Glamour is Shine and ConfidenceDiane Von Furstenberg

Hats are timeless, and recently influential people such as Pharrel Williams, Johnny Depp, the Kardashians and Bruno Mars have again put the limelight on just how much a hat can pull together and finish a stylish outfit.

Glamour hats of hollywood


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Every computer/mobile device will display colors a little differently. These differences are beyond our control.

  • BONE  dirty white, the color of a bleached bone
  • SILVER MIST very pale gray
  • SILVER BELLY another pastel color this is a grayee-brown
  • SAND a very pale yellow. Beach sand color
  • GRANITE a light to medium light gray
  • CHARCOAL a dark gray
  • WARM BLACK has an apple red undertone. Only noticeable in bright light
  • BLACK the most popular hat color
  • SAHARA  mid brown a shade lighter than natural
  • NATURAL rich mid brown the color of a beaver pelt
  • PECAN A browny-green. KHAKI
  • YELLOW one of our bright colors.
  • BURGUNDY  a dark rich red
  • RUST  a dark browny-red, the deep color of a rusty metal pipe
  • RED  bright cherry color
  • CAMEL a bright yellowy brown
  • WHISKEY dark amber like a shot of whiskey
  • FOREST GREEN  a mid green a shade or two lighter than moss green
  • MOSS GREEN a dark rich green
  • CHOCOLATE  a dark brown
  • POWDER BLUE a bright, pale blue
  • ROYAL BLUE a mid to dark shade of bright blue. NY Giants blue
  • PURPLE the color of ROYALTY
  • NAVY BLUE dark blue

the zen of hats

Got the hat, and it is very nice. I am also pleased about my choice. seems my instincts were right – it suits me GREAT! Thank you very much! -Julie D-

Glamour Hats of Hollywood


Happy Homburg

Our hats are made with genuine beaver fur felt, the finest material from which to make weather resistant, top quality hats. With proper care, your hat is built to last as long as you want it to. Through all types of weather, including blazing sun or freezing rain, our quality hats will give you good service and look amazing doing it. 

You can dress up or down your Hat of Hollywood depending on the occasion. Everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a fur coat and stilettos; a glamorous hat from Hats of Hollywood will jazz up any outfit!


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