Throughout history, time and time again we are reminded how versatile and influential something so simple as a hat can be. Hats have been worn by all walks of life all the way from Presidents and World influencers down to the regular commoner and even childhood story characters. Iconic and famous hats have traveled through time and have become timeless in today’s world.

Starting in about the 15th Century a hat became part of everyday dress, and a source of pride for the wearer. You could often tell where a person was from or their job or even their status in life by the style and type of hat they wore and the material from which it was made. 


When you think “famous hat” what is the first hat that comes to mind? For me, it is a top hat from either the USA President Abraham Lincoln or a Dr.Seuss’s story, The Cat in the Hat. Both hats are iconic and will forever be recognized throughout history. Now, Abraham Lincoln’s hat sits in the National Museum of American History because of how influential A.L. was as a President.

President Lincoln’s Top Hat was transferred to the Nation Museum in 1867 but was not available for public viewing until 1893.  Conversely, The Cat in the Hat was first published by Dr.Seuss in 1957. The hat is a cartoon red and white stripped floppy top hat, which has since been seen in the 2003 movie remake of this classic children’s book by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks.

These two hats are the first thing I think of when I think of “the most famous hat”. So I pose this question to you; What do you think is the most famous hat in History? Like and follow our Facebook page and comment on our last post which hat you think is most famous and why to enter into our first contest to win some wicked swag by Hats of Hollywood.

Famous Hats in History