Prince Harry proposes to Meghan Markle!

To be honest, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make my heart full! On Tuesday, they announced their Royal Engagement in no better place than the White Garden, commemorating the late Princess Diana (Harry’s mother). With less than 2 years together, the two plan to tie the knot in spring 2018. We cannot wait to see the dress, the fashion and oh the hats!
The Royal Family has been known to wear an outrageous hat..or two! At public and privately hosted events, the Royal Family can typically be found wearing traditional hats when the tradition lends itself.
See below, Prince Harry wearing a traditional top hat at the 2016 Royal Ascot. This hat is worn by most men attending the Royal Ascot and is in the traditional top hat style.
prince harry top hat
Meghan Markle, soon to be wed and royalty by marriage, is not very fond of a lot of hats, however this modern flat brimmed fedora looks stunning on her (see below). Made of a lighter material, likely a mixture of fabric and plastic blend this hat reminds us of our Chloe Ladies Hat which is of course made of quality fur felt.
meghan markle hat

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